“The Aristocrats” to sprawozdanie z mentalnej wędrówki, w której czas gra kluczową rolę, a jednak chronologia jest zaburzona. To wyczerpująca próba zapisu plątaniny myśli, zamiarów i czynności, które wynikają z siebie nawzajem.

Z odłamków intymnej duchowości i rzeczy nieuchwytnych powstaje kalejdoskop, w którym tworzy się bezładna historia o sprawach wulgarnych, o zwierzęcych instynktach. Utwory, które są w gruncie rzeczy piosenkami o kochaniu, wstręcie i złości, przesiąknięte są tematyką zupełnie nieosobistą; seks, uzależnienie i frustracja splatają się tutaj z kopenhaską interpretacją mechaniki kwantowej, zaburzeniami obsesyjno-kompulsyjnymi, dyskordianizmem, czy wynikami eksperymentu Johna Calhouna. Krótka ekstaza pornograficzna istnieje na równi z wzniosłymi pragnieniami i najgłębszymi obawami, a spełnienie staje się równoznaczne z poczuciem winy oraz porażką.

Album przeistacza się z wyrażenia mieszaniny sprzecznych emocji i uczuć w swego rodzaju spowiedź, prywatny rytuał oczyszczenia, w zaklęcie chaoty. Pogrążenie i uwikłanie ma zarazem prowadzić do uwolnienia.

“The Aristocrats” nawiązuje do kultowego anty-dowcipu; każdy zna puentę (lub tak się wszystkim zdaje), liczy się więc tylko jego trwanie i przekazanie treści. Wszyscy wiemy jak to się kończy - bądźmy więc tu razem przez chwilę, by odbyć tę podróż. Podróż od rozdarcia, braku kontroli, przez krzywdę, panikę i izolację, do akceptacji i zrealizowania woli.

Dla jednego to nieznaczna anegdota, dla innego wędrówka życia; wszyscy nauczymy się czegoś po drodze.


“The Aristocrats” is a report from a mental journey where time plays a crucial role yet chronology is disrupted. It is a strenuous attempt at recording the tangle of thoughts, intents, and actions that arise from one another.

Shards of intimate spirituality and elusive things form a kaleidoscope that in turn gives rise to a confused story about the vulgar, about animal instincts. Pieces that are essentially songs of loving, abhorring, and anger, are pervaded by themes that are entirely impersonal; here, sex, addiction, and frustration are entwined with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Discordianism, as well as the findings of John Calhoun’s experiment. Short pornographic ecstasy exists on equal grounds with grand yearning and deepest fears, while fulfillment becomes tantamount to guilt and failure.

From an expression of jumbled, conflicting emotions and feelings, the album transforms into a kind of confession, a private cleansing ritual, a chaote’s conjuration. The immersion and entanglement are to lead to liberation.

“The Aristocrats” refers to a cult anti-joke; everyone knows the punchline (or so they believe) and the only thing that counts is the duration, the delivery. We all know how this ends - let’s be here together for a while then, to make this trip. A trip from a state of being torn, of no control, through hurt, panic and isolation, to acceptance and the realisation of will.

For one it’s an insignificant anecdote, for another the journey of a lifetime; we will all learn something along the way.

  1. david lynch
  2. you can lead a horse
  3. mothermeat
  4. camwhore
  5. bear in mind
  6. my home is yours
  7. schrödinger’s scat
  8. red herring
  9. till the cows come home

the choice is out there
falling is the cord that ties me down
again - VHS noisefloor, drowning in the grain
faster forward
restart losing heart
victims of a wish
candy for your Cain
one thing: should you be taken seriously?
my link's dead and gone
check reality - flick no light on
something seizes me
vision completely freezes
please, let me...
overrated valuating our incarnations
I've been good, I've been bad
call me - I'm home
fakers making do, my ass being owned
raping your favourite thing
something to bet once all the results are in
read the line, wasting talent
breathing past lives into dice
money worth the world
no design, headroom high
I will remain paraphrased
I'm as wired as a fence, perseverant
I've been waiting for this for years
I've been saving for a sin
inch by tiny inch
time has found the safest home
I don't need to sleep, can't wait to wake
where's my pen?
no design, improvise
no timeframe, clear the tape
know you're wasting your time reading my mind
I've been faking all this for years
I've been saving for a sin
a day for the lynching
don't need to love
don't need to fuck
to see it
don't need to love
don't need to fuck
I've been there
look what you led your horse into
let her swing low, never let go
soft architecture - sweet recollection
flashback dream - gold seam
reloaded love, goaded lover
slave to the reins of something vulgar
every name will be a price to pay
for every bird you've heard me sing
scented pine and sea disappear for me
would I drain you dry?...
see jealousy build in blunder
kill for the thrill of lasting longer

look what you led your horse into
ungrateful, ungrateful
next time you make your women dance
like pigs falling for the bait
pray to make it through the mud
dead straight
winter brings the frost
winner praise the loss
appreciation for the art
judgement of the heart, of skin
electric electric electric electric electric
hail, rain, musk
grind your heart to dust
love seeks something never lost
feed! force!
you can lead a horse
… to drown
see jealousy build in blunder
kill for the thrill of lasting longer
she tore her mane, trampled under
pain to remain, to dissolve her
you can lead a horse
these hues grow life
I think red suits you
when time feels just like swallowing sand
I'll know my primes
have I been away for too long, nursing my rhyme?
I know I rarely move a limb
engaged in solve, revolve, and vote
I hope I will never couple with
what you have guided me to know
Violette, I feel like scrubbing the sidewalks again
rake, I'll take my time
to develop myself or you blueprint me fine
mud bitch
quicksilver quick
the licking of venomous dick
waiting for life, sitting aside
under grease, caked - pale skeptic
chewing new meat, digesting rainbows
puking vomit of gray synthetic
so old
cannot help going and trying to clear the mould
it decided what I need and you don't need to go
I can't help it, I break in two
waiting for life, sitting aside
distant business ties me down again, day-bound
instant vibrations lay waste to the boy once Amanda breathes in
lesson is learned hard
sum of all answers, freeze frame
I am home now, marvelling the partings never went so well
breathe in
missing has turned hard
beyond the dusty high - hell to light the wake
in this body I found my exit
into a voyeurist cull

start over by tomorrow
the one is actually three and smiling
the killer must've been me
I'm alone now, facing the pulsing need
I'm gone for good as I recline
oh but I can dream
I pray that you've got what it takes to be my wife
lesson is learned hard
sleeping dogs will lie with strained eyes
while my fever's dying
five thousand angels burn into minds of our hosts
“you and I are finite flavours, keys, and cues; no time to waste, make our body move”
know your size on this night
all your sin spreads you thin
noise and bone, bread and home
voice and vein disobey

coin your lies on this night
know your sin, heads - you win
draw the line that makes you mine
I cut through (like the moon)
stable through inertia, if I stop I fray to single strands
I've made my peace, I've drawn the line
I cross my heart and hope to try
friction to light to strengthen the system
reducing the devil back down to a stain on my jeans
I feel ready for summer
I can't help but hang my halo too high
no shame, no guilt, I just breathe
and I keep pushing through splinters and bars, crawling back from salvation
finally time to head home
another cow inside the meatkeep
where fleeced sheep and ram collide
I shove my horns into your heartbeat
you plant a seed inside my mind
think back
look back
keep track
is it safe?
your tree gave up all its fruit to trade for stronger roots
I burned the entire woods to make it to you
I wasn't all that inclined to check its wrongs or rights
now she's as vicious as you
bear in mind
bear in mind
break and gag her in the smoke
faking, tardy, out of hope
keeping heartbeats in the line
(getting closer to things we shouldn't know)
take this body and this oak
“take this body” Alice cried
reading minds makes for dead wives
you carry back your broken neck
dead birds and broken leaves
all the signs have failed me
some advice from the free:
plead insanity
held in tightly in the grey
raped and hungry, led astray
feed the heartache, cancer grows
(walked on water once, now pulled in low)
take this body and this oak
“take this body” Alice choked
reach inside me, tear it all
run, scout till you black out
she will kill you
digging to the bone for the fruit
way in me
convenient for concealing truth
afraid to let go of the tame
pondering savage harvesting
beg full release, come back to me
centrefold queen of cancerous dreams
saturated with gold
days won't contain me when I'm inside
the months cover eyes
those who trace the lines between the floorboards,
their welcome's outstayed
a weakness that you keep letting win will soon become unique
(it all belongs to him)
I count the truths we've lost to the thickness of the walls
I divide wisely
silence amid my friends - they know commitment
I forget I regret
burning through the threshold you share with me for re-alignment stains my feet
I bring hospitality
this could work
make these hands seemingly idle
I know now all she needs is traces of dignity of a choice
all she needs is trophies
invest in second-best - mend to break, of course
I realise the phrase: “my home is yours”
they don't need your penitence, they only want you to...
kill your friends for me
let it end
let it in
scissors on your wedding day
rosy shredded grin
coward, coward
sever dirty skin
learning the tropes, breaking off more
we are broke and bare, we'll never make amends
my home is yours
he wants in
choices wear him thin
sand may find a way to turn to glass
experts only ever see black
(you best keep your secrets from me, who am I to say?)
you peek inside and bite the fruit, now half that world - it is gone
it's no longer what you dream – it's what have you done?
I never want to be caught dead specificity will Midas life to let-downs
through power-drunken cold illuminators
watch your back, it's changing hard
put your dream inside a morgue
more is key and less is more is more
sweep the stakes of come and see
make it A/B, unmake believe
glad you would, now get up
glad you would, it's not enough
and we will materialise to shreds
experts always play pretend
(I want it all to seem like more; I keep all my eyes closed)
this was nothing, baby
just wait
the potential's coming back to me
this is nothing, baby
wait till you get paid
just wait till you see the money
I've been waiting for too long, now this moment is more than opportune
quit your baying, your nay-saying
find the mind to shove your manifesto
I swear I'll be content when I am in control
another time, another mind may let this grow
let it all go
I hate to break it to you
I won't let you tear it from me
please don't let them feel supreme
so (b)elated
neglected maintenance
fashion statement
very customary
stifled, constipated, bad blood's circulating
got a little system and the system works
I pray it's fine, I can't deny I'm in control
another time I'll do it right and I'll explode
never again
I hate to break it to you
I won't let you tear it from me
please don't let them feel supreme
(everything will fall in line
efforts will extend like arms
talents will sharpen and tongues will dull
may the magnitude of their folly be revealed to them in a blinding flash in years' time
timelines will shrink and convolve
to aid you)
surely, slowly, surely...
your deliberating doesn't even phase me
I've got the spite to do this for another year
a friend for life
need more time
benevolent time
(give me more time)

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